An azira is a common animal that resembles an axolotl. Although they live throughout the continent, they originated in Waterclaw territory.

Appearance Edit

Aziras come in three varieties: Creek, River, and Mountain. However, all aziras look similar to an axolotl, but they have a longer neck, arms, and tail.

Creek Edit

Creek aziras are the smallest variety, at about the size of an actual salamander. They are typically a brownish color, and they lack the poof of fur on the end of their tails that most other varieties have. They are rarely kept as pets, as they are considered more hostile than River aziras and don't have the strength or usefulness of Mountains.

River Edit

River aziras are commonly kept as pets by felinians. They are about the size of small dogs. This variety comes in shades of pinks, and occasionally the fur on their tails and frills is brown or white.

Mountain Edit

Mountain aziras range from the size of cows to the height of a Clydesdale. They are usually shades of brown or white, and the frills on their head are relatively smaller, but only slightly. Their bodies are covered in fur, unlike the other two varieties. Most mountain aziras are used as livestock to pull wagons and plows, although they are also ridden by some felinians who don't have any willing dragon friends.