Faelyss is the term for a system of runes used by Ancient Felinians to incur good or bad luck on themselves or others. The tradition has survived into today, with most tribes having some form of the practice.

Etymology Edit

The term Faelyss comes from the word faeyren, magic, and by extension fae, meaning felinian. Lyss comes from the word saelyss, meaning art or symbol.

Use Edit

Before the Draco-Feli war and subsequent creation of tribes, felinians used small pieces of leather, wood, or other carvable materials to create syarenda ('magic places"). These would then be engraved with various Faelyss.

In modern times, the exact same practice is used in

List of Symbols Edit

Heart outline: Self

Filled-in heart: Others

Four-petaled flower: Memory

Six-petaled flower: Death