Felinians are a race in the world of Draconia.

Appearance Edit

Felinians are similar to anthropomorphic servals, with large ears and a generally catlike form. However, felinians have long tails and longer paws with thumbs, giving them the ability to use tools and pick things up. They have can have long or short fur, and eye colors can be any color, including red and violet (although both of these have superstitious/religions connotations in most tribes). The average felinian is a little taller than a human, and they are typically very light. Felinians also lack whiskers. Their tails are primarily used for wordless communication. Hollow bones allow them to be faster and lighter, but also makes them more prone to bone breaks.

Tribes Edit

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Araskan Edit

The Araskan tribe lives in the fertile Fireclaw forests. They have extensive knowledge of magic from the dragons that live there, specializing in battle magic. They are infamous for their extreme superstition. They have a one-part nature-based naming system. Ex.: Moon, Tree

Shimra Edit

The Shimras are native to most of Starclaw territory. The rich metals of the mines led them to be able to master the art of metalwork, and it has since become an integral part of their culture. Their gods are gemstones, and it is forbidden to name children after them.

Kyria Edit

This tribe is native to western Earthclaw territory. Their culture has a massive focus on individualism and physical strength. They were founded by Kyrian.

Zepha Edit

The Zepha tribe inhabits most of the mountainous Airclaw territory. They were founded by Blazestrike, have two part names, and focus primarily on the arts.

Anyre Edit

The Anyre hail from northern, mountainous parts of Earthclaw territory. Founded by Ekera, the nomadic tribe has deep connections with exploring the natural world. Maps created by members of this tribe are often the standard.

Serra Edit

The Serra live in southern Earthclaw territory. Over time, they've learned how to work with the Earth, creating beautiful pottery and building massive farms in the hills. They were founded by Kiera, the twin sister of Kyrian.

Erras Edit

Members of the Erras tribe live in the Fireclaw wasteland, barely carving out a living from the unforgiving desert. Swiftness and strength are at the heart of this tribe's education. They were founded by Dien.

Kera Edit

The Kera are based in the heart of Waveclaw territory. This tribe rarely interacts with others, preferring to stay with their own. Their culture is based on connections with the water. They were founded by Dawn.