Zeranan is the subject of a felinian legend, said to be the savior of thousands of children during the Draco-Feli Rebellion. Nowadays, in wooded areas of Draconia, many claim that he frees all in danger, regardless of age or circumstance. He is considered part of the continent-wide canon, as his name and story is somewhat consistent across all tribes.

Appearance Edit

Zeranan is a lilac spotted tabby with brilliant green eyes. He wears a long, dark green cloak with hundreds of yellow flowers embroidered into the bottom, thinning out as they go up. He also has a sword made of silver and wood, with emeralds embedded into the side. He wears a large set of deer antlers. In more recent times, sightings of him claim that he has vines wrapped around his tail and arms.

Biography Edit

Beginning of Life Edit

Zeranan was born in a war-stricken area of Serra territory. The Draco-Feli Rebellion was beginning, and to defend their power, Erias began enlisting soldiers. As the rebellion grew in strength, towns often recruited child soldiers. Although he was deemed too weak to join the army, he still saw the first-hand effects of the conflict.

Rescue Missions Edit

Determined to make a difference, a teenage Zeranan disguised himself as the Ancient Felinain god of the forest, Zeraakhan, and smuggled several young children out of his hometown. Out of gratitude, the mother of one of the escaped embroidered five flowers on the bottom of his cloak to symbolize the five children he'd rescued.

Zeranan continued to make similar missions throughout the entirety of the Rebellion. However, during one, he was spotted by a patrol and was attacked, ripping out a sizable chunk of his ear.